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the Community!


Boiler Room Booster Club

has $940 in prize monies


Membership tickets are $20 each, and will be entered into a series of membership drawings. Drawings for a $60 prize will be held at The Boiler Room every Thursday in October and November. A Grand Prize Winner of a $400 cash prize will be chosen from all tickets at The Boiler Room Annual Auction on December 6. Members may join throughout the drawing period, so chances of winning depend on the number of tickets sold at the time of each drawing. Every ticket is entered into every drawing and it is allowable to purchase more than one ticket. All monies raised will support The Boiler Room directly. Membership is for a six month period, and Booster Club Members will receive special recognition in The Boiler Room Zine. If you are interested in becoming a Boiler Room Booster or in more information, please contact Booster Club President Thomas Overman at 360-774-0311 .

Tickets can be purchase by donating online here in denominations of $20.

Help The Boiler Room by taking this quick survey.

It's just ten questions long, scroll down inside the box to get to more questions.

Thank you!

Do you want to volunteer at the Boiler Room?

Fill out an application and check out our staff meeting, open to the public, every Monday @ 5:00 pm,

right here at 711 Water Street in beautiful downtown Port Townsend.

We're always looking for help, and we'll teach you the  skills you'll need to work behind our counter.

Our Volunteer Baristas are trained in and expected to learn:
Basic coffee and espresso making skills
Basic cash register operation 
Correct food handling and basic food safety and sanitation techniques 
Basic customer service and phone etiquette
The importance of cleanliness, punctuality, and accountability
Basic cooking and baking skills
How to ask for help when needed
How to interact appropriately with a diverse and changing population

And we're looking for volunteers to help make

free soup every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (served @ 3 pm).

Call 360-379-8247 or email if you or your band are interested in playing free, all-ages shows! Ask for the Music Coordinator.

Free food, free music, always all-ages (free) events.

We have the best volunteers around.

We're open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

Donate time, money, or food @ our 711 Water Street location. (Port Townsend, WA. 98368)


“The Boiler Room has been many things to many people. A coffeehouse, an art gallery, a private business, a nonprofit teen center, a cause, a scapegoat. But to me it has been a salvation – a place to be, and belong. Home. I’ve worked with some of the finest human beings I’ve met to preserve a common goal of home for ourselves and anyone else who needed it, to resolve the question of where do I belong. So many people ask it, and we can never afford to let ignorance settle such questions.”

- Jake Kelly, former BR Manager

(photo by: ilovehoovering2)


1 December 2008: Statements at City Council budget meeting

28 November 2008: letter from Mar Vista High School teachers

21 November 2008: letter from Olympic Community Action Programs (Olycap)

26 September 2008: Excerpt from blog of Seattle-based band Conservative Dad

7 April 2008: excerpt from blog of San Francisco Bay area band that played at The Boiler Room