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the Community!


What we value about the BR

Each bullet is an individual voice.


    • It is an all-ages venue and a hang out location. Plus it offers great coffee and tea and fun events. I'd like to see the Boiler Room flourish.
      I like the wireless internet, too. And sunday soup. And the bicycle help.
    • The Boiler Room is a vibrant and constantly changing community. What I value at 16 years: Longevity, open community, the changing landscape as different kids and community roll through, the intelligence, honor and integrity with which the community has always addressed issues, the quality of adults involved who recognize the dignity and worth of kids. The Boiler Room is family and home for those who may not have those things elsewhere. It is openness and structure, and the ability of the Boiler Room to engender love and respect in kids is KEY. The Boiler Room must ALWAYS be a coffee-house first, as the coffee-house volunteering is the first step for a kid toward everything else that the BR can do.
    • It's a great place to hang out and I love being a Barista there.
    • I value its existence and its readily visible main street Downtown location.
      Left and right the City of PT is cutting and closing programs and venues that youth use and benefit from. The Boiler Room remains as an increasingly rare strong presence that says "Yes kids are a part of this community. We're proud of them and give a damn about their happiness." Frankly, if kids like it, use it and want to protect it that is all I need to know. I'll support that.


    • well, for years it was my home.


    • we're a cooperative in the true sense of the world. no capitalism!!!!!! one store amidst the downtown of port townsend that is more interested in it's customers and community than the money that can be made.
      any body is welcome. true democracy at its best.
      creativity is nurtured here in the womb of the community.
      thank you


    • I value the work of the board members; I have so much respect for people who make time in their lives to help us thrive. I value adults who don't look down on kids who are lacking direction(even older "kids"). The Boiler Room can help anyone if they are willing to be helped, and if you are seeking advice the BR is the place to be. I also value anyone who can afford the dollar a day to become a Boiler Maker, you guys rock. I value change, but it must be a structured change. I appreciate when new faces show up and realize that the Boiler Room is a person and, although you can make it into whatever you need it to be at that time, you cannot change the Boiler Room for selfish reasons, or take it away from the others who share their love for it. I value the community that I find there, it is my home, and home to many many others. I hope the Boiler Room will always be there for us, so that even if we let it go for awhile we can always come back. I value the life that the Boiler Room has helped me achieve and will always encourage others to view the Boiler Room with an open mind. Until you've volunteered a shift behind the counter you are missing a big part of Port Townsend. Long Live the BR,


    • it's commitment to supporting the youth and disadvantaged in our community and it's openness and willingness to entertain all thoughts and ideas.


    • I loved that the Boiler Room was a place where I could be myself and not feel inclined to do anything because someone else wanted me to. No drugs, no school, just coffee and good people. But then people started not to care about the Boiler Room, and more about who was or wasn't there, that the old days are gone, well, yeah, they are, but you know what? That's ok, tomorrow will be different and hopefully better and all we can really do is guide the Boiler Room in a good direction. As one of my good friends says, "The BR is like a living being, it grows and changes." I think that's the best thing we can do, help the Boiler Room grow in a positive way


    • When i lived in port townsend i valued the fact that i could come to the boiler room anytime i wasnt comfortable being anywhere else. That was a long time ago when tons of kids were there all day all night playing games and reading together and sharing a lot of laughter. Im not there everyday anymore, but when i do come to visit it seems as though it has become a lot quieter there, as though it has become a select few who now reside daily behind its walls. I guess what im trying to say is i valued the diversity of the boiler room and getting to know so many people i wouldnt have maybe known outside of its walls.


    • The fact that it provides a space for creative people to spend time and be productive


    • I value the Boiler Room as a place for the youth of the community to feel welcome and to feel some ownership. It is a rare and valuable trait for an organization to empower youth to create and sustain a place that they feel is a reflection of themselves as a community. Also, it is incredibly important to have the connection with further supports when needed. As someone who works with youth who haven't previously had people looking out for them, I can say that the social services aspect of the Boiler Room is a very valuable part of it. If even one kid is caught before they fall through the cracks, it is a success. Last, the Boiler Room provides an bridge between generations. I am amazed and touched to see so many people who have been involved over the years still participating and offering a mentorship role to the newest generation. This is a quality of the Boiler Room that will only get better as it gets older, as more and more kids are growing into adulthood with the values of mentorship, volunteering, and providing outreach to at risk kids instilled in them,


    • A safe space for young adults to hang out - and a great place for me to talk to them about peace.


    • please take me off this list. (...??)


    • i think it would be the friendly faces and the why you guys help people out, and the coffee


    • Almost everyone that I am close friends with to this day (I'm 28) I met at or through the Boiler Room. The Boiler Room is my community. I started coming into the BR at 15 and started volunteering at 16. When I was a teenager I lived out in the county. The Boiler Room was a safe, warm place that I could take the bus to, or get dropped off at to meet my friends. A place I could call my mom for a ride, a place where I could use the restroom without buying anything. It was a place where I was exposed to music and art I otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to.
      I have been mentored and mentored at the Boiler Room. I have trained many kids here and helped them get their first jobs. I have practiced and taught job skills. I played my first music show at the Boiler Room with my friends. I am busy, but I still try to help give back to the Boiler Room for everything it's given me (a community, friends, a safe place to be, job skills and practice, guidance). In fact, I'm working behind the counter right now, I've made at least ten espresso drinks on this lovely cloudy Saturday afternoon. I am doing the third training shift with a smart, caring, talented young person that hangs out at the BR a lot and will have a lot to give to the Boiler Room for a long time to come.
      In short, what I value about the Boiler Room is the Boiler Room community, past, present and future.


    • I value the openness of the boiler room. The space it offers to groups of diverse interest and ages. I also value the fact that it is an ever changing group that has its goal to be of service to community, especially youth.


    • It is one of the few places left for the youth to learn to enter society without the spending of cash.


    • see The Boiler Room as a place of ultimate acceptance. I still consider myself new to the area. I moved here in November '08, from Massachusetts. I felt welcome, and at home, the first time I visited The Boiler Room. That is a nice feeling, when you are 3000 miles from the place you called, "home", for most of your life.


    • At the Boiler Room I enjoy the art, poetry, games, all ages, performance, kind hearts, gatberings, free food days, resources, and friends.


    • it's a crossroads that provides a unique opportunity for connection with community on many different levels


    • What I most value about the Boiler Room is its ability to connect people with people. The Boiler Room, above all, is a container for socializing. Sometimes it's a safe/healthy container, sometimes not. There are very few places like it, where everyone is encouraged to get involved and influence other people with what they contribute. I think the place shines best when a lot of people are involved, and most of those people are happy and having fun.The Boiler Room is also a coffee shop. It offers a safe space for people to interact and learn about the art of espresso and customer service. I value the coffee shop very much because I think it acts as a Boiler for the energy that exists. Of course, the Boiler Room has always been about this opportunity, but it's ability to carry it out effectively is ALWAYS in flux. That's it's nature,I value the Boiler Room's ability to influence people in a positive and healthy way. I think good leadership and a set of positive core values is key. I don't think it's a reformatory and I look on in dismay when I see it trying to empower the very people that help bring it down to a level where its only meant for "certain" people. I value the attitude that the Boiler Room is for everyone--- and not just saying it, but having it actually be that.ART!

      In summary, I have chosen to value the following

      1. A safe healthy place/container.
      2. The coffee shop
      3. Good leadership/values
      4. art


    • everything!! Well, the BR has been there for me pretty much whenever I have needed it. I also value the BR's ability to bring everyone together regardless of age, sex, religion, or just plain strangeness. I love it here and hope we will be able to keep it open forever!!! <3


    • Live Music, Man


    • Tables Chairs Coffee Love Te Friend Happy


    • I have always valued the Boiler Room for it's blending of people from different ages. This is not something to take for granted. I think I was 21 the first year and I remember people like Pete Toyne and so many others putting in an effort to connect with people my age and younger. It's not easy for older folks to infiltrate a place they see as dominated by youth, but I appreciate the ones who do. Now that I'm among the older folks, I do sometimes find it a bit difficult to take the first step in the door. But once inside it's as great and eclectic of an experience as it always was.So to the older folks: Don't be afraid. Darken their door and cross the threshold. Most likely you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you had a bad experience once, try it again. We're grown ups, so we've learned that anything worth doing usually takes persistence.Younger folks: It's not a treehouse club. Respect the older folks who come in. Remember that they may be a little intimidated. Welcome them in -- you might find out they're a lot cooler than you thought.


    • I think it's an awesome for people of all ages to visit. It;s warm, freindly and you can get warm drinks when it's cold out and the kids there welcome everyone of all ages. It is definitely an importance place to have in Port Townsend...


    • A wonderful place full of music and dogs


    • Warmth


    • Community


    • Local coffee


    • A wonderful place full of music and no dogs


    • Artistic Expression


    • I see The Boiler Room as a place of ultimate acceptance. I still consider myself new to the area. I moved here in November '08, from Massachusetts. I felt welcome, and at home, the first time I visited The Boiler Room. That is a nice feeling, when you are 3000 miles from the place you called, "home", for most of your life.


    • Buddies


    • People who volunteer + participate and thoroughly do their shift duties


    • People food love happiness


    • Spencer


    • I love working :)


    • Dub step


    • We get to be loud! & Kuh-razy!


    • I loved that it was a welcoming place for people to go and get warm drinks and socialize. Volunteering also was a great thing for kids to do to learn some valuable skills. :)


    • A warm and safe place just to be (or more)


    • The fact that the BR offers a place where young people are welcome to hang out. Unusual for such a small town and a reflection of the individuals who have supported it over the years.


    • Among many things, I value that it is first and foremost driven by youth. I hope it stays that way. I have lots more to say about that. Feel free to contact me if you wish.


    • The trash kids create


    • Freedom of Expression


    • The Boiler Room to me is a forum for the genius of our teens to be born. I love that tho' it's a safe place, it also allows for some wildness and experimentation into the visible fabric of our community! We ALL need the Boiler Room, and we need the energy of our teens.


    • The Boiler Room is a superb destination for young adults. They can hang out in a safe, low-key environment filled with warmth and encouragment.


    • the fact that it gives youth and adults alike a place to relax, chat, maybe meet new people. its a place that i think should be a bridge between the youth and the adults in the community. needs a lot of work....


    • ...that the Boiler Room trusts the present youth population and is willing to adjust to address its unique needs. The Boiler Room is dynamic, not static. It moves and changes and does not get stuck.


    • ...the youth and working with them to achieve their goals.


    • I value the BR as a place where community members can BE. You can just BE there, you can go there and don't HAVE to Work, Shop, Just Keep Walking, Look Busy, Shop, Chores, Meetings, Lines, Shop, Smoke, Freeze & Get Rained On, Worship, Drink, Get Hollered At, or any other thing that most other places (public or private) in the community urge that you do in order to Be-Long. It's chill. And It's chillness is vital.


    • that it is where my family is. Where the heart of my community is. And where many families of choice are built, nourished, and stay in touch. The Boiler Room is the muse of the dragon.


    • I value that the Boiler Room is accepting of many kinds of people (providing safety is not compromised). I value that it is a place for kids to feel accepted, make friends, do homework, wait for a ride, learn interpersonal and job skills, take workshop opportunities, hear free music, and many other things in an environment where they can feel comfortable without being expected to buy anything. As a former volunteer and intern I understand that there are struggles that come with operating such a unique place and that there are some inherent vulnerabilities and that there will always be people who take advantage of the Boiler Room while contributing to its negative reputation. But I also value the efforts of some of the volunteers and interns and board members and donors that understand all this too, and strive to keep the place open, in a culture that I personally believe is not all that friendly to the youth beyond a superficial level, a culture that expects too little from them while also expecting the wrong things. I am very fond of the Boiler Room and am glad I was able to be a part of it while I was living in Port Townsend.


    • It provides a place for kids and young adults to gather and hang out which is essential in any community. The City of Port Townsend has continued to lose over the years many of it's kid orientated facilities and programs; most recently Memorial Field/Rec Center making the Boiler Room that much more important to keep in existance. Not only is it a great hang out place but it provides an outlet for creativity, the arts, and music.


    • that it is a safe drug and alcohol free space for kids and adults to hang out. I value it as a place for non structured cross generational mentoring. and also as a community rescorce for all.


    • BR is protected and protective environment for youth in Port Townsend. There are always a good number of youth who do not find the usual life of a teen ager comfortable, many find it downright oppressive. Br is an alternative space.


    • I value that it is a place with a pleathora of resources for everyone, from teens with problems to adults that need a job. It is a wonderful place to go to create a network of support, friends, and skills needed to survive in the world. Without the BR I feel like a lot of good people who are in bad places couldn't get out of their troubles as quickly or effectively. My mother always told me that teenagers, and people in general, really, need at least three good mentors in their lives to thrive. The Boiler Room, and everyone involved, is a part of the seeking mentor/mentor cycle. I love the Boiler Room!


    • It is an all-ages venue and a hang out location. Plus it offers great coffee and tea and fun events. I'd like to see the Boiler Room flourish.
      I like the wireless internet, too. And sunday soup. And the bicycle help.


    • I like the fact that its a real physical place, a shelter, and a haven that I can go to when I need shelter. I like that I can make friends at the Boiler Room and people there seem to be very interested in discussing almost anything.


    • The Boiler Room to me is a place to go when I have nowhere else to go, as I imagine it is for most people. I became attached to it last winter when I was living and working on a boat in town and at the end of the day I needed a place to go to keep my sanity. I began volunteering there becuase I saw it as my chance to learn some valuble skills, the "soft skills of industry" as my favorite teacher called it. With those skills I've gained confidence to assert myself in the working world, and I know that without the Boiler Room that confidence in me would have been extremly hard to come by. I hate to see what's become of it now, to see it suffering so, and if I still lived in PT I would give my all to revive it. I'm glad to know there are others who feel this way to. Together we won't let the BR die. And really, the BR can never truly die.